Certificate in Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy is the medical practice of drawing blood from a patient’s veins. This is done for

therapeutic, diagnostic, or donation purposes. Phlebotomy is a crucial part of our health care system,

as it allows medical professionals to conduct various practices and tests, using the patient’s blood.

Phlebotomy plays a vital role in the healthcare system by providing essential data required for

treatment, and the advancement of medical knowledge.

Our dynamic certificate program in Phlebotomy aims to equip our students with the knowledge and

skills required to draw blood. This program provides precautionary steps to avoid error, and the best

methods to make the blood drawing process as simple as can be. Our program includes three parts:

1. Theory and Anatomy

2. Skills and Preparation

3. Simulation and Practice

The purpose of the Phlebotomy Certificate Program at S2M College is to understand the

fundamentals and practicalities of the science of phlebotomy. This is due to the procedure relating to

patient care, and the circulatory anatomy of the human body. Upon successful completion of this

course students will be able to:

• Identify the basic anatomy and physiology of the circulatory system.

• Understand routine practices, and additional measures related to blood collecting and handling.

• Practice medical terminology related to the circulatory system.

• List the colors used to code blood specimens, their purpose, and what they stand for.

• Identify how to dispense blood using various blood collection techniques and methods.

• Outline post-puncture care of the patient.

• List potential sources of error, and the prevention of such errors from occurring in practice.

Course highlights:

•Registered College with the Ministry of Colleges & Universities - Govt. of Ontario 

•Prime provider of healthcare programs in Canada 

•Courses are facilitated in small group of 4-6 students only, allowing for precise teacher-student attention and better learning experience 

•The Certificate of Phlebotomy is awarded on the day of completion of the program 

•Team of experienced medical faculty and staff, dedicated to helping students throughout the course with tutoring and mentoring 

•Lots of practical knowledge and experience in relation to blood samplings and various techniques. 

•This course is open to anyone with a science background. This includes, but is not limited to nurses, medical aestheticians, doctors, physician assistants, researchers etc…