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Microneedling is a safe and effective way to rejuvenate the skin and achieve a more youthful and radiant complexion.

Also known as collagen induction therapy, it is a minimally invasive procedure that involves creating tiny punctures on the surface of the skin using a specialized device with fine needles. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, two essential proteins that help improve the skin's texture, tone, and elasticity.

The treatment promotes the growth of new skin cells and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation.

​A microneedling facial can be done on various areas of the face, including the forehead, cheeks, and under the eyes. It is suitable for all skin types and can be tailored to address specific skin concerns, such as signs of aging, uneven skin tone, and acne scars.


​Microneedling is often combined with PRP to improve the overall texture, tone, and quality of the skin. The microneedling creates tiny channels in the skin, allowing the PRP to penetrate deeper into the skin's layers, where it can promote collagen production, enhance cell turnover, and stimulate the healing process. 

Read more about PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) here

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Our Hydro Jelly Masks provide many benefits to the skin such as toning, moisturizing, smoothing the skin, hydrating, exfoliating and even reducing inflammation. 

​Our facial scrubs help remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, which can help prevent clogged poresRegular exfoliation can also stimulate the production of collagen, which can promote firmer, smoother, more radiant skin.

Just select the skin concerns you'd like to target and relax while your skin soaks in the many benefits!

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    Hydration and repair for soothing the skin, perfect for all skin types.


    Deep cleaning and soothing for dry, acne-prone skin.


    Brightening and moisture repair for dehydrated and dull skin.


    Radiance and skin tone improvement for oily, blemish-prone skin.


    Wrinkle care and hydration for dry skin, anti-aging and hyperpigmentation.


    Firming, purifying and cleansing for enlarged pores and loss of elasticity.


    reduction and calming for all skin types.


    Anti-aging and brightening for dull skin and hyperpigmentation.

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The revolutionary O2 Oxygen Infusion Facial treatment uses a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber that pushes purified oxygen and anion directly into the chamber at high concentrations. Purified oxygen helps to reduce signs of aging, heals damaged cells, reduces bacteria, detoxifies, and is a great add-on after treatments such as micro-needling, PRP and laser. 

Oxygen is an essential element that can regenerate broken cells and is also known for enhancing your memory and focus.

An O2 Oxygen Facial produces 90% pure oxygen, while optimizing the skin’s respiration abilities. It regenerated broken cells, rejuvenates the skin, and achieves anti-aging results. An O2 Oxygen Facial accelerates collagen production and eliminates ROS, which is a primary source of skin aging.

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The gua sha is a traditional healing technique used with light pressure to release fascial and muscular tension and move lymph fluid to tone the face. It holds many benefits such as: 

Stimulates circulation, Helps produce collagen, Softens fine lines and wrinkles , Decreases puffiness, Decreases inflammation, Diminishes dark circles, Temporarily tightens skin, Brightens complexion, Sculpts facial muscles, Releases tightness

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Lymphatic drainage

A therapeutic massage technique that stimulates the flow of lymph fluid through the lymphatic system to help remove toxins and waste from the body.
How It Works:
Uses gentle, rhythmic strokes to encourage lymph fluid movement towards lymph nodes for filtration.

What It’s Good For:
1. Reducing Swelling: Decreases edema and swelling.
2. Detoxification: Enhances toxin and waste removal.
3. Boosting Immunity: Promotes circulation of infection-fighting cells.
4. Stress Relief: Reduces stress and fatigue.
5. Improving Skin: Enhances skin tone and reduces cellulite.
6. Managing Lymphedema: Controls fluid retention and swelling.
7. Pain Relief: Eases pain from conditions like fibromyalgia.

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Experience the Bliss of an Organic Facial

Indulge in the natural luxury of our organic facial at Oceana Holistic & Cosmetic Boutique. Our organic facials use the finest, naturally derived ingredients to cleanse, nourish, and rejuvenate your skin. Enjoy a pampering experience that leaves your complexion glowing, refreshed, and beautifully radiant, all while embracing the purity of organic skincare.

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