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Oceana Holistic

Our skin absorbs the majority of what we put on it, whether its face creams, body lotions, or skin oils.

We have all seen the side effects when beauty products do not work well with our skin; rashes, irritation, and dryness abound. That’s why we are fans of using the highest quality and most natural ingredients as possible.

At OCEANA HOLISTIC & COSMETIC BOUTIQUE we have cultivated a natural and organic product for every skin type: Our Face Cream - THE BEST ROUTE TO NATURAL AND GLOWING SKIN.

This face cream includes ingredients such as: Organic Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin A retinol, Shea Butter, vegan collagen, and a series of natural and healing botanicals, to leave skin radiant and leave you ready to take on the day with confidence.

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