laser hair removal Vaughan

PRP For Face


Oceana Holistics’ PRP Facial treatment supports your body in the natural regeneration of collages growth and stimulates facial rejuvenation – so that you can be yourself, no matter what life throws at you.

laser hair removal Vaughan

See The Difference!

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The Secret...

More Confidence

For many, clear skin & youthfulness is the constant goal. PRP will help you achieve that goal.

Cost effective

Check out our prices and below and you’ll echo it’s affordability. 

Short downtime

After the session, you just have to prevent water & sweat from getting to you scalp for about 8-10 hours. That’s all!

Here's How It Works

Step One

PRP Solution is injected into your scalp

We extract blood from your arm, to be able to process in our machine and PRP solution is created. This Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) solution is injected into your skin using our state of the art “gun”.



We inject this serum into the skin so that the face radiates a rejuvenated glow. The PRP serum contains a concentration of growth factors, mesenchymal stem cells, cytokines, and other elements. 

The PRP does it MAGIC

We’ll be lying if we say it’s pain-free. The client will be feeling bearable pain. The aesthetician ensures she massages and speaks to you throughout the procedure. 

Step Two


Your hair starts to grow again...

Depending on the number of sessions you take, you will see gradual improvements to your hair quality and density. Along with your facial beauty, your confidence will grow as well!

PRP is for You If...

laser hair removal Vaughan

You're seeing signs of hair loss or have experienced significant hair loss

laser hair removal Vaughan

You don't want to pay for hair transplants to get same results

laser hair removal Vaughan

You prefer to regenerate your hair in a natural way

About Oceana

Oceana Holistic is a holistic beauty bar in the heart of the city of Vaughan, Ontario. We offer our a wide range of natural healing and cosmetic beauty services, all so that you can have the freedom and confidence to be yourself fully.

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View our convenient PRP For Face Pricing and Packages below:

One PRP Session ​

One Full Session



PRP + Microneedling

One Full Session



3 PRP Sessions ​

3 sessions spread across 3 months

3 PRP Sessions (Limited Time Offer)



Special Offer $1200!

3 PRP Sessions + Microneedling

3 sessions spread across 3 months

3 PRP Sessions + Microneedling (Limited Time Offer)



Special Offer $1200!

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Asked Questions

Our PRP Facial uses your bloods natural plasma, which is injected back into the skin to help stimulate collagen production for a youthful and radiant glow. Your body essentially aids itself for the skin of your dreams!

We recommend doing 3 sessions over a span of 3 months to see the best results!

Any contact with the skin usually gives you a tingle of pain. We make sure our process is as comfortable as possible for our client by either numbing your scalp before application or pace out the time to your comfort!

We’ve had over hundreds of clients who have done PRP from us and all have shown significant hair regrowth & thickening after completing their sessions.

Yes, we absolutely do!